Understanding and Gearing up for Our Announced Political Strike


Press Release:


Understanding and Gearing up for Our Announced Political Strike


In the runup towards the announced political strike to be carried out on May 28th and 29th, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has issued the following public statement to help its anticipated massive participants better understand this decisive action and get ready for executing it effectively and successfully.


“To better understand it, a political strike is one of the most effective means of peaceful resistance, aimed at exerting grass-roots pressure for the realization of the goals of the Sudanese people revolution, the first and foremost of which is to ensure the immediate transfer of power to a civilian government in accordance with the Declaration of Freedom and Change, agreed upon by all the dignified Sudanese people.”


“A political strike is a decisive revolutionary activity whereby all oscillating positions and attitudes are overcome and pushed toward supporting the legitimate demands of the Sudanese people, as a matter of obligation, not an option. It’s aimed at reviving such demands in the minds and hearts of the masses themselves, reminding them of their inalienable right to power and rule. In parallel to this, it only hampers the Transitional Military Council (TMC) by alerting it to the fact that it could be deemed powerless and utterly dysfunctional overnight.


“When government, public and private sector institutions and service enterprises that generate resources to the state treasury are shut down and halted, the TMC, being the de facto ruling power so far, would be stripped of any power or functions at its disposal, unless it desperately and solely resorts to  the use of arms and force, thereby stripping itself of any legitimacy, having entrenched itself on the most counter-productive trajectory of rule by the iron fist. Such a self-inflicting paradigm could easily be diffused with our peaceful antidote and our harmonious unity as attested to repetitively by our own practice and experience.”


“A political strike is only threatened to fail if some of its stakeholders have opted for acting unilaterally. That would be considered a drastic setback with damaging effects on those who have committed to carry on the strike in earnest. In this case, those “lone wolves” would have turned themselves voluntarily into nothing less than heartless criminals who have not only betrayed the revolution, its goals, aspirations and the dear blood of its martyrs, but have also “sold out” the heroic and selfless sacrifices and tireless struggle of the masses for freedom, peace and change.”


“As a necessary reminder, there are certain prerequisites for carrying out a successful strike.


  1. Presence in the workplace is a must for each single participant.
  2. Refusal to do any work while at the workplace.
  3. Taking to the streets at the end of the official working day, and joining the possessions and sit-ins.


Finally, we note that participation to any strike is a constitutional right, strictly protected by law, and there can be no legitimate legal action against any of its participants, unless by arbitrary measures which will be void and with no legal effect following the inevitable victory of our revolution.”


“As has been announced and scheduled, our general political strike, which includes all public and private sector institutions, even individual self-employed workers, will be held on Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday May the 29th as a gradual phase to be followed or complemented by priority measures or a continuous general strike that would culminate into a paralyzing Overall Civil Disobedience.”



May 25, 2019

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