Statement: Violations against those who participated in the civil disobedience


Sudanese Professionals’ Association



According to field reports, and in clear violation of human rights and the right to work, numerous incidents of detention, arbitrary dismissal, persecution, and harassment have occurred, targeting activists in neighborhood committees, employees, workers, and craftsmen who have responded to the call for civil disobedience made by the people, and fulfilled by the Sudanese Professionals’ Association. There have also been reports of punitive measures and threats against merchants, sellers, store owners, business owners, and their employees for participating in the civil disobedience.


During the days of our resolute civil disobedience, the Military Coup Council has worked hard to oppress the people, through threats of evacuating public residences, and coerced work at gun-point.
These tyrannical ways are but an extension of the methods of the defunct regime. Their use of arbitrary dismissal and reassignment of professionals, employees, and national competencies, to the so-called “Public Good”, was only to empower the regime’s followers and loyalists, leading to the total collapse of the civil service, and leading the nation down the road to total collapse.


We in the Sudanese professionals Association, assert that there is no power that can crush the will of the people. Even if coerced at gun point, our people, who have chosen full civil disobedience, will not succumb to the tyranny of despots who absolutely lack any shred of legitimacy or right to impose laws upon the Sudanese people.
The right to civil disobedience is one imposed by the people. Therefore, we warn against taking any sort of punitive measures against, or intimidation of, citizens exercising their right to civil disobedience. We will fight this battle with our people, and will work to expose those who commit such transgressions, which we consider to be a crime as heinous as dispersing the sit-in, or attacking protestors with tear gas and live ammunition.


Our core concern is the safety of activists, neighborhood committee members, and all citizens who are politically active and involved in the ongoing political struggle. We will not hesitate to impose all forms of escalation, in order to guarantee their physical safety and professional right to work.


SPA Media Team
13 June 2019

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