Statement about meeting the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs


Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change
A Statement


Today, Wednesday, June 12th 2019 an DFC Forces delegation met with the United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Mr. Tibor Nagy and the US Special Envoy to Sudan, Mr. Donald Booth.


The meeting discussed the necessity of transferring power to an interim civilian authority. The meeting also thoroughly discussed the massacre committed at the army HQ and the acts of murder and horror perpetrated in a number of Sudanese cities and villages in tandem with the massacre on June 3rd, 2019 and beyond.


It emphasized the importance of conducting a transparent, and internationally backed investigation of these incidents, which holds all those who masterminded, planned and implemented the incidents accountable and brings them to fair trials.


The two parties to the meeting have affirmed the following:
– Importance of the immediate transfer of power to an interim civilian authority in realization of the aspirations of the Sudanese people and the gains of their revolution.
– Affirmed a strong welcome to the brotherly mediation initiative by Ethiopia, led by Prime Minister Aby Ahmed, and embracing its achievements so far, as well as supporting all its efforts.
– The TMC takes full responsibility for the massacre of dispersing the peaceful sit-in and all violent incidents that followed. To that effect, an investigative fact-finding committee shall be formed, with international support, to establish the facts and bring perpetrators to justice.
– All armed forces and militias shall be withdrawn from residential areas in cities and villages with immediate effect, and replaced with police forces to maintain public safety and security.
– Immediate release of all political detainees.
– Restoring internet services and lifting any ban imposed on them across the country, while ensuring free media.


DFC Forces,
Wednesday, June 12th 2019

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