Professional Pharmacists Assembly – Press Release


Professional Pharmacists Assembly

Press Release


The killing machine is back on its rampage. Fueled by treachery, hatred, and betrayal, it is once again targeting the youth of Sudan, raining down on them with sadism and treachery.

Blind to the history of our people’s great struggles, they thought this would be the end of our revolution.

What they could not comprehend was that the souls of our martyrs are our beacons in the path to liberation.

In fulfillment of our pledge to our martyrs and our great nation, we urge all our colleagues to unite to remove the intruders from our betrayed land. It is time for the mighty hand of complete civil disobedience to smite our enemies, and heal our nation.

We need to teach the so-called Military Council a lesson about the struggle for liberation. Let them know that their weapons are powerless against the will of the people. Let us join the ranks and files of our noble people in an all-out civil disobedience in all sectors.

Further directions will be circulated later.

Professional Pharmacists Assembly

6 June 2019

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