A Commitment to Build and Serve

To the glorious people of Sudan,

We salute you with love and respect, as you make history by expressing your united voices and sacrificing precious lives in your steady and peaceful march towards freedom.

We are an integral part of the Sudanese masses, strongly bound by the unity of diverse cultures and a collective yearning to live in dignity, safeguarded by the uncompromised respect for our economic, social, cultural and political rights and freedoms, the right to peace and justice, the right to sustainable economic growth, the right to political stability and the right to social development, with full consideration of the cultural diversity and aspirations of all individuals and groups, constituting the social fabric of this country.

Having reached consensus that the current ruthless regime, which has usurped the power to rule through illegitimate means, and continues to humiliate its citizens inside Sudan, intimidate those who have been forced to flee, and exercise its corrupt and criminal practices with absolute impunity all over Sudan, is completely failing to preserve fundamental human rights and achieve the goals and aspirations of Sudanese citizens; we confirm, with irrefutable evidence, that the current regime – for the entire 30 years of its rule – has always been an obstacle to sustaining freedoms and human rights and achieving the aspirations of the people of Sudan. Thus, the removal of the current regime is but a step in the overall march towards building a better Sudan for all.

Noting, with grave concern, the serious deficit of professional and productive skills in the country, a situation resulting from the accumulation of irrational policies and bad governance, leading to mass exodus of skills and capabilities, brain drain and an unhealthy environment for those professionals who remained in the country; and while we acknowledge that skilled labour migration – brain drain – is a problem impacting many developing countries, we see that the Sudanese case is an extreme one, where the government has not only created and maintained an environment crippling to growth and development and inconducive to productivity and creativity, but also enforced a hegemonic system of extreme low wages, inhumane working conditions, and restrictions of professional associations’ right to self-organize.

For all the above, WE, the undersigned, HEREBY DECLARE, before all the people of Sudan, our commitment and readiness to render our professional capabilities and available resources to drive the march of the People of Sudan towards development and prosperity. The issuance of this declaration of commitment has been initiated and is being coordinated by the collective Sudanese Professionals Associations.

The SPA will seriously engage – from now on – in a process of planning and laying down the grounds for the implementation of a strategy to remedy the systematic destruction of the civil and professional sectors in Sudan, in order to pave the road for the country and the SPA to engage in the implementation of such development strategy as soon as the current regime is toppled in the very near future;

WE, the signatories of this COMMITMENT TO BUILD AND SERVE, hereby affirm that WE stand by the choices of the People of Sudan to see this ongoing revolution to its ultimate goal of dismantling the regime; WE declare our unwavering commitment to contribute to the building of the country, Sudan, and serve its people, sparing no effort whatsoever in doing so, based on our diverse array of competencies and knowledge, and to participate with our colleagues and counterparts inside the country in the establishment, building and development of Sudanese institutions through the provision of scientific and professional opinion and advice; WE are committed to carry out any task assigned to any of us in this regard, to the best of our capabilities, both material and financial, throughout the transitional period after achieving the goal of dismantling the current regime.

WE, the signatories, also add an important clarification, at this crucial moment in history, overflowing with enthusiasm and sacrifice, as much as it is susceptible to opportunism, climbing and stealing of revolutions, that by signing this commitment we do not embrace any material aspirations towards leadership. Rather, WE enter our signatures, hereunder, for the sole purpose of declaring OUR commitment to contribute and serve through providing consultation in the process of planning and carrying out of tasks called for by the PEOPLE OF SUDAN and their agreed leadership, consistent with our knowledge, skills, experiences and capabilities.

Long live the strife of the people of Sudan for peace, freedom and dignity.

Long live the march of the people of Sudan towards development and prosperity.

(Published on 13 January 2019 – in Arabic – and opened for signatures by the people. The above is a translation.)

(To sign the pledge, please go to the google form, below, and fill the small form after the Arabic text: name, area of competence, general field of work, and contact info.)