Open Call for Urgent Action: Risk of Escalating Violence in the Sit-in area in Khartoum.


Open Call for Urgent Action: Risk of Escalating Violence in the Sit-in area in Khartoum.


30 May 2019


Following the events of today and yesterday, in which three more martyrs of the Sudanese revolution lost their lives, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) showed clear signs of its intentions to use force to disperse the sit-in. Yesterday, two citizens including a pregnant lady were shot dead by the TMC forces. Today, 8 citizens were wounded by similar forces using fire bullets and one of them passed away. A recognisable number of Military trucks that have the signs of the National Intelligence, RSF and Security Forces are accumulating in different locations around the sit-in. Three days a go TMC attacked Ramtan news agency and earlier today they shutdown Aljazeera International Channel and other media offices in Khartoum. Moreover, a caution letter was sent to diplomatic missions in Khartoum to warn them not to visit the sit-in areas. Following that, TMC held a press conference to accuse the sit-in of threatening the country, and the revolution of losing its peacefulness. This was accompanied in the same time with firing live bullets against a peaceful march coming from South Khartoum towards the sit-in area.


We hold the TMC accountable and responsible for the crimes of the previous days. And we warn of the dangers of any further military escalation or any attempts of attacking the sit-in. The TMC intransigence and insistence on military nature of the sovereign authority during the transitional period is the main reason of increasing the tension in the street.


We call upon the TMC to respect the Sudanese citizens’ right of freedom of expression and assembly, and to restrain any use of force against the peaceful protestors. We hold TMC responsible for any injuries or loss of lives that may take place in the sit-in area as results of this.


We call upon all actors to monitor closely the situation in Sudan and exert all types of pressure on the TMC to prevent an imminent threat to the freedoms and lives of sudanese people.


Foreign Relations Committee
Sudanese Professional Association

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