About us

The Sudanese Professionals Association

Traces its roots to October 2016, when an alliance charter was drafted and approved by three of Sudan’s largest professional groups. Namely, The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, The Sudanese Journalists Network, and The Democratic Lawyers Association.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) is a continuation of the long history of Sudanese professionals’ persistent attempts to form independent trade unions and bodies to defend their rights and seek to improve their working conditions. Several attempts to form such bodies were made in the past; most notably the attempts to form a professional alliance in 2012 and 2014. Both failed to achieve their goal because of the regime’s opposition which extended to the persecution and arrest of key founding members.

The SPA is currently comprised of many bodies united under an agreed upon charter and common goals. These were announced in June of 2018. A large number of professional bodies declared their backing of the SPA, while they await to formally join.

The following groups are backers of or are officially under the umbrella of the SPA:

  1. Teachers’ Committee
  2. Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors
  3. Democratic Lawyers Association
  4. Sudanese Journalists Network
  5. Association of Democratic Veterinarians
  6. University Professors Association
  7. Sudanese Doctors Syndicate (the legitimate)
  8. Committee for the restoration of the Engineers Syndicate
  9. Central Pharmacists Committee
  10. Sudanese Engineers Association
  11. Sudanese Plastic Artists Association
  12. Association of Animal Production Specialists
  13. Health Officers Association
  14. Central Committee of Medical Laboratories
  15. Professional Pharmacists Assembly
  16. Association of Professional Accountants
  17. Association of Agricultural Engineers

*We would like to point out that any statement or invitation bearing our name and has not been issued through our official accounts is in no way representative of us